All over the world, animal shelters are full, and many (healthy) animals are being euthanized every day because of it. At the same time, selling dogs (from so called “puppy mills”) is a booming business, and non-spayed or -neutered cats are producing litter after litter of unwanted kittens. Uninformed owners buy a cute baby animal, only to end up dumping it in a shelter once the pup or kitten is no longer cute, or when behavioral problems occur due to a lack of training. It’s a vicious circle, and it must be broken.

The purpose of the blog “Pet me, I’m yours” is to raise awareness on the subject of animal adoption, and to convince people to adopt, rather than buy, a pet. We do this in two ways:

1) By giving a voice to animal rescue organizations, and by putting animals that are up for adoption in the spotlight, in the hope that this will help them find a home more quickly.

2) By interviewing people who have already adopted an animal from a shelter, and to ask them to share their experience and insights with us.

“Pet me, I’m yours” is a blog thought out and written by Viola Le Compte, a classical double bass player (go figure!) In her free time, she works as a volunteer in an animal shelter in Brussels, Belgium. This is where she realized with a shock how many unwanted animals are waiting, sometimes for years (in no-kill shelters) for loving homes. With this blog, she hopes to make a difference, no matter how small. If even one person decides, after reading the blog, to start volunteering in a local shelter, to foster, to donate to an animal rescue organization, or to provide a shelter animal with a forever home, it will already make all the difference in the world. To say it in the (slightly modified) words of animal rescuer Fabienne Paques:

“You can’t save all the animals of the world, but you can save the world of one animal.” ( – Fabienne Paques, founder of rescue organization Animal Care España)


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