Debbie, Jet and Zus

by violalecompte

After our interview with Red een Legkip, we got the chance to ask a couple of questions to a lady who recently adopted her two chickens through the same organization. Meet Debbie, and her rescued hens Jet and Zus!

Zus (2)

How did you hear from Red een Legkip?
Through an article in De Telegraaf.

Why did you decide to adopt your chickens?
I think it’s horrible to see what kind of a life these animals had to live, and it’s wonderful that I can do something for them. I’m happy that I can give them a beautiful “second life”.

When did you get your chickens?
We got our chickens Saturday March 15th, 2014, so we have them three weeks now.

Do you have any other adopted animals? (and if you do, can you tell us about them?)
Last summer we’ve adopted Guusje from the shelter, a sweet 6 year old cat.

Jet en ZusJet

In what state were the chickens when you got them?
As you can see on the photos, they didn’t look too good. Especially one of them almost didn’t have any feathers anymore. I felt really sorry for them, and I was (am!) determined to do all I can for them. They will get the peace & quiet, freedom and love that I think any animal deserves.

How did they change over time?
We don’t have our chickens for a very long time yet, so it’s a bit hard to say if anything big really changed yet, but still, you see a clear difference between now and how they were three weeks ago. They’re still quite shy, but they roam and scratch around freely. The last photo says it all: enjoying a wonderful dust-bath in the sunshine, while I’m hovering right above them with my camera. So they’re not that anxious anymore.


What are their names? And do they have a “personality”?
Of course! We’ve named our ladies Jet and Zus. Even though we’ve only had them for a short time, we see an evolution in their behavior. In the beginning I thought that Zus was the more anxious one, but she turned out to be the least frightened of the two. And while at first it seemed that Jet was more straightforward, she runs away the quickest when we dare to get closer (even though she’s always the first to approach us when we bring them something tasty…) So she’s a bit more shy than I initially thought.

Sandra said the chickens can become very affectionate and can act “just like dogs”. Have you noticed this yet?
No, it’s still too early for that. I understood that brown chickens usually are easier to tame than white ones, but I don’t care. We’ll see how they develop. As long as they’re enjoying themselves, that’s the most important thing to me.

Do they lay eggs?
No, not yet, but I think it’s still too early for that. It seems that a lot of their energy for the moment goes towards the re-growing of their feathers. I’m sure the eggs will come, but it wasn’t the main reason for me to start keeping chickens. (But of course it would be nice if after a while the eggs would come!)

What do you enjoy the most about your adopted chickens?
The evolution they’re going through. I would never have expected that those “sad little things” of three weeks ago would turn into “real chickens” so quickly. I really think they’re enjoying their time here with me (as I’m enjoying my time with them!)

Jet (2)

Would you recommend adoption to other people?
Absolutely!! Unfortunately I notice from experience that people tend to react sceptically: they often want “pretty” or “young” animals. I really think this is wrong: every animals deserves a good life, especially the ones that got a rough start. I’m really happy that I adopted Jet and Zus, and that Red een Legkip trusts me take good care of them. I will not disappoint them, and I will especially not disappoint Jet and Zus, whom I hope will spend a long and happy life with us!