by violalecompte

Hello and welcome to the blog “Pet me, I’m yours”!

First things first… the name! It was my significant other that came up with it, and I immediately liked it.

You know how people who’ve adopted an animal usually tell you how the animal “chose them” instead of the other way around? I think the title “Pet me, I’m yours” conveys just that feeling. So thank you, boyfriend, for coming up with it!

I have big hopes, dreams and goals for this blog, since this is a cause I’m very passionate about. In the coming weeks and months, I will feature interviews with rescue organizations, animal rescuers, volunteers in shelters… as well as with people who have already adopted one (or several) homeless pets.

Since this is a global problem, I will not restrict the interviews to organizations in my area (Brussels, Belgium) alone. I will try to set up interviews with organizations and individuals worldwide, in order to get feedback from all possible angles.

So please, stay tuned and follow the blog in order to get all the latest content, and feel free to SHARE any and every of my posts on your social network sites. The more shares, the more chance that we will actually make a difference!